End of season apathy

Every year it’s the same. At some point I lose focus, aches and pains amplify and I struggle to get it done.

In 2016 the apathy started earlier, it hit straight after Key west and when I finally finished swim the suck in oct, over the remainder of the year I only managed another 30 miles total and finished with my lowest swim total in 3 years.

In 2017 I managed to fight it, but this past week every ache and pain seems to be amplified. Here I am on a sat night sitting on my couch with three ice packs placed in various areas. 

So where does the apathy stem from “is it in the body or in the head”.

The body takes a battering there is no denying it, today alone over 3.3 miles I took 1766 strokes, so over the year that amounts to more than 334,000 strokes this year. That is a lot of shoulder blade rotation. 

Most days there is pain, my triceps have a tendency to hurt on a regular basis and don’t ask me to hold my arms above my head for more than a minute or two. In turn this means for household chores I need a high ladder to avoid the need to hold my arms up. But basically there are legitamite reasons for the body to hurt. However these get amplified at the end of the season and this is where the head comes in.

The head, the start of the season is exciting, there are new aims, new goals, new dreams. They keep you focused, they keep you swimming. The months pass, you meet new goals but there are still swims left. In my case the swim that is left, I have done twice before. I go to it, as it is a fun season finale with lots of swim family in attendance. 

But I can’t ignore the swim still needs work, no matter what I have done before to swim 10 miles still needs advance effort. Throw in the unavoidable creep of Chicago winter coming, the reduction in lake swimming options. The leaves are falling and the nights are getting cooler and the mind starts playing games. 

Most of the advance effort is done and the effort for this final swim took place in sept with over 100km swam. 

(Looking broken)

But combine the creeping weather, the loss of goals, and the efforts already done this year and this first week of October has been tough but now I just need to get through one more week. And Then….I get to dream it all up again. 

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