Recognizing your success and your goals 

So it is often easy for my successes or goals to get lost in the success of the swimmers and people I am lucky enough to surround myself with from the open water family. There are some swimmers I am lucky enough to get to share the water with and hear their stories that blow my achievements away.

However occasionally it’s important to step back, while these people drive me to my next goals I must also take stock of my achievements and failures.

This season I set myself a few goals

1) complete the 25km border buster 

2) complete 3 marathon swims in one season

3) set a new season high swim total.

In all three cases I met my goals. I completed Border buster 25km, swim to the moon 10km and swim the suck 17km. I did 3 other open water events and finished them all. 

 I have achieved a new year high in total mileage at 582 miles as of today beating my previous high of 563 miles for a calendar year. 

It is funny though here I am 2 days later and I have already signed up for a swim next year at 36 miles.

I guess goals are there to be knocked down and re made. 

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