The unspoken goal 

For those that know me, follow me etc. there is a known thing that I have a tendency to focus on and that is numbers. 

Whether that is number of miles in a year, number of swims, a new distance number etc. 

There is one other number that I am not sure other swimmers pay attention to, but this year in the back of my mind there was an unspoken number that I wanted to achieve. 

That number is 6, as in a 6 hour or more swim. Where does this number come from, well to qualify for the English Channel you need a 6 hour cold water swim. My swim was not cold water and for some reason I don’t really have an interest in the English Channel. But I did have an interest in going further than 6 hours. 

It has even at times crossed my mind that I wished I had been slower in key west in 2016 so that I could get this number off my mind. 

Apparently though I need not have worried with the border buster easily taking care of this at 8.5 hrs. 

So what does this mean at least for my psyche if not for my physical ability. Well in my head 6 hours was the whale. Can I now refer to myself as an open water swimmer, I don’t know, there are so many other much more competent open water swimmers than me that have done much more than I can even imagine at this point. But if I am completely honest, in my mind right now (for today at least) I don’t feel there are many swims that I would not be able to give a good shot. I may not finish all of them, the water and nature gods may ensure that but I am at a point where I would feel confident giving them a shot. 

I achieved all my goals this season that were spoken of and written down but it might just be this unspoken one that drives me forward.


The somewhat adequate swimmer 

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