Off season (the black hole)

There are usually a few times in a season when I struggle, not necessarily physically (though sometimes) but mentally. Usually it comes during swim season after a big event. Though this year I managed to generally avoid/control this. However the one I have yet to figure out how to control is off season, that period of Nov and Dec, when I look to give my arms a break and at the same time the world outside seems bleak and enclosing.

What are the drivers of this, well obviously above the weather, I️ am not sure I️ will ever become used to snow and the cold of Chicago. Work, it becomes my busy period with physical inventory being a particular pain for me, plus the approaching year end and dreaded auditors. It leaves me with a quote from my younger days that I️ shared when younger with some friends and we stole from fight club “I️ want to destroy something beautiful”.

I continue to work out during this period, just not swimming as much. But I think this is only part of the the problem. In the first week of Nov I still had a goal to hit 600 miles for the year and I did, so then I switched to increased land and the problems begin. My body and mind start finding aches and pains that have not bothered me for 10 months, my mind becomes less restful, partially helped by the constant news headlines flashing on the gym TVs. When I️ do get in the pool, I️ find less pleasure, my mind is restless, the long sets I️ joy during the season become a challenge for focus. Is it that swimming drives out the excess energy, I️ don’t think it is, as I️ replace the swimming with hours on the elliptical and weights.

So what is the issue?

I️ think it stems from a lack of immediate goal, my next big event is not until June. The urgency of focus is gone, it lets in the other distractions, the world, work, the weather, the inhospitable Lake Michigan.

So what to do?

Live with it, get up, go to work, workout, hang with my wife, my dogs and wait for the urgency and goals to arrive and try not to eat too much between now andthen.

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