Sometimes people ask why I refer to the waters I have swum in as he/she or by a name and act like it’s a living creature.

Well here it is, it is a living creature, it has all the characteristics I associate with living things so let me name some







*Ability to take life

These obviously are only a few of the things I think of when I think about water, there is it’s life giving and sustaining nature, even in some of the murkiest water I have swam in, life abounds and the water provides the means to do so.

I have been lucky enough to swim with nurse sharks, jelly fish, cat fish, stingrays, beavers, parrot fish, carp, musk rats etc. But these are only the things I have seen.

It’s important we don’t forget the awe inspiring work our waters do and why they are living, breathing sources of life for us and not to underestimate its power and ability to also extinguish life.

Musings of a somewhat adequate swimmer

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