Winter is coming and first plans for 2019

I managed to keep up regular lake swimming through the month of October. The temperature though kept dropping no matter how much I peed in the lake. I have only managed once before to get in Lake Michigan in nov and that was more of a shock therapy session the day after the 2016 election. Today I swam in Lake Michigan again in November without a reason other than I wanted to, the lake was a little wild today but we tried to find the best time based on the weather forecast and the expected wind pick up for the rest of the day. Anyway we got down to the beach to discover that the water was pretty choppy and murky and when we did the temperature check, the water was a balmy 49f versus the air temp of 47f.

This was also the first week that I have worn sweats instead of shorts and also brought a hot drink for after. With the chop we decided that this was going to be a short dip, I stripped down to my jammers with my two swim hats and my partner in cold water testing got her wet suit ready. We fought good sense and walked in, the waves picked up as if they sensed us, the first wave hit me and I turned sideways and the second one knocked me to the ground. The water went all over, though on the plus side it got the slow walk in to the water over with quick, no need for the slow gradual descent as the water reaches the crotch and things shrink(or so I tell myself) and retract, it got it over with quick.

We proceeded in, the water took my breath and I struggled with talking for a minute, my fellow swimmer asking if I was ok. Though interestingly there was no ice cream headache pain when putting my head in the water. We tried swimming for a few minutes but the waves were pulling us away from shore, so we decided to just play in the waves and eventually time the waves for the getting out procedure. The cold feet and waves definitely making the outward journey more challenging.

After we got out, it was a situation of getting dried quick and throwing on the sweats and sweater. We walked slowly back to the cars, though I will say the sand felt much warmer after being in the water versus the trip on the sand before we got wet. After getting back to the car, decided best option would be to take off the wet shorts under the sweats, this was done with as much grace as possible in a car park with a towel wrapped around me in 47f temps and while chilly. All in all it was a good swim, the water sure wakes you up and gives you that endorphin buzz.

I guess in other news this week, I applied for one of the spots in 20 bridges (swim around Manhattan) for 2019. This is a 28.5 mile swim around the island and as of now has less than 800 verified completions. It is one of open waters triple crown (English Channel, Catalina and manhattan) I will find out if I get a spot sometime between now and Dec 1st. This is one of those swims in which I doubt my pedigree to get a spot but per others I do have the record at this point to be a strong consideration for a spot, so keeping my fingers crossed and until I know one way or the other I will not be making any other plans.

In non swim news this little immigrant gets to vote for the first time on Tuesday and is very much looking forward to exercising that right having become a US citizen in March

Yours- the somewhat adequate swimmer

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