Before I forget…Thankful

It’s easy to miss the things we are thankful for, as they often just become part of our everyday and we miss the special element of them. It is also much easier to focus on the things I am not happy about e.g. I only completed two swim events this year, I am not happy with my fitness, I am not happy that my arm hurt after End Wet, end wet was not that impressive due to the current (mind games),I was 3 minutes slower at swim to the moon than the first year I took part, my mileage is down to a little over 400 miles this year versus last year 500 etc. etc. etc.

 But for the thanksgiving holiday, I am going to call out the things I am happy for in the past year

  • I completed a 36-mile swim event
  • I swam for 13 hours and survived
  • I completed multiple weeks of training in which I exceeded 50km
  • I have a body that allows me to swim 36-mile events
  • I have shoulders that withstood multiple swim weeks exceeding 50km
  • I have a supportive family
  • I have supportive friends
  • I got to raise money for dog rescue
  • I get to be part of a small and inventive community
  • I get to swim in beautiful places
  • I am surrounded by people that inspire me
  • I am surrounded by supportive people (so many people reached out on boats and volunteering after I suggested my swim last week)
  • I am thankful for open water (and long may we keep fighting for its protection)
  • I am thankful to those who give up their time and organize things to allow me and others to take part in swims
  • I am thankful for a lifestyle that allows me to take part in these events
  • I am thankful for the choices I have in life, unlike so many other people in the world
  • I get to plan an EPIC swim for next year
  • I am lucky and thankful to be reminded of this

Your’s a Thankful and somewhat adequate swimmer

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