The Lurgy, the fear, the whatever

Between Jan 2017 and Aug 2018, I had swam over 1000 miles. At some point approaching Aug, I just felt tired, while I still wanted to get in open water, the idea of a pool, where I admit I do most of the heavy mileage just wasn’t appealing.

I found myself making excuses, it’s time to give my shoulders a break, it’s important to do more land exercise etc. but the reality is unless it was outdoors I just didn’t want to swim. I forced myself to do 5 miles or so a week but it was always an aside of let’s just get in an do 1km, more out of what felt like an obligation than a desire.

Then Chicago winter starts rolling in and the lake becomes off limits for me (dangerous too with 3 drownings in past 6 weeks) and my desire to pool swim fell even further.

I continued to make excuses, including the mental block of the cold pool being unappealing which in reality is quite funny when you consider a lake temp of 50f ish and air temp above 40f seems appealing in my head but a pool at 78f is off putting.

Then these last few weeks of 2018 when I could of done with the mental silence I was unable to after testing positive for type A flu. This was really bad timing coming at a point where we lost our dog who had been with us 15 years and with the holidays when I would of had time to get some mileage in.

Then there is the self fulfilling prophecy of it all, i was telling myself my arms needed a break, they were tired, I did a lot of mileage but now I also know that when I start properly again, my arms are going to hurt, my triceps will burn and the mind games will follow.

But you have to start somewhere so 4km today consisting of

30*100 free style

8*100 free style with paddles

2*100 legs only with flippers

Got to start somewhere

Happy new year

A somewhat adequate swimmer

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