Born of Frustration

It’s been an interesting start to the year, I am at my lowest mileage in many years though for perspective I have swam over 50 miles this year so far and I did my first 20km swim week for the first time in a while this past week.

But now is also my busy time in work, so combine these things and most swims seem like a bust. They feel slow, my cadence feels off, my rotation is off etc. Now this is not uncommon when I start to pick my swimming up again but it’s still challenging mentally. Sometimes it’s fighting my Brain saying oooh wouldn’t it be easier to just get on the elliptical and the answer is yes it would. But I generally don’t make the easy choices.

Then as some know, I am trying to organize my own swim this year. This means logistics and thus far frustration. So some honesty here, I am both a rule follower and given a preference would like to organize my life by e-mail and text. With that said, I am an International financial controller, I do a lot of phone calls and in a meetings and in a room, Per many comments over the years, I control the room but Jesus, it’s a lot of effort and draining and not my go to choice, so these things are conflicting right now.

I have the swim outline put together, I have maps, I have a safety plan but I want to make sure all the right people sign off on this from the city and safety view. So I have been searching out names and ugh phone numbers and preferably e mail addresses. So far Chicago parks and beaches have got back to me to say they will send it to various city depts. to see what they need, so now I wait.

I have reached out to Chicago police dept. marine unit with no response and left voicemails with fire department chief of operations with responsibility for marine rescue. Hopefully I will hear back from them soon. It does though once again go to show the value of a good open water association in an area, a group that has the contacts and can arrange things for people such as Catalina association or New York open water. It also highlights something the Chicago area is missing and a future for a lot more marathon swims to be organized in the Chicago area.

Anyway off topic (kind of) so when I do get everything above lined up (cause I want the approvals lined up-rule follower) then I have to organize the safety boats. I have dates picked, times, general rules I want, even an observer, I just need the pieces to fall together.

So overall, the start to the year has been a little frustrating but hopefully the frustrations will pay off and I get to go big in my swim town.

A somewhat adequate swimmer

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