Failure or the aim is always to come home

I am not one to overly focus on the potential for failure, i am lucky to have not yet dnf a swim and in fact I am much more in to positive visualization and looking forward to certain things for example, I have a number of things/points I am looking forward to already

1) starting- nothing beats being done with planning and finally doing what it was all about in the first place, swimming

2) swimming in to the dusk, watching the sun go down from the water and hopefully the stars and moon coming out

3) the city lights from the water at night, will be to my right on each breath

4) the dawn, I always complain when people want to do early AM swims but I have never regretted watching the sunrise from the beach or water

5) swimming past Navy Pier, come on how may people have actually ever done that

6) the finish

But there is also the reality that has to be considered, shit happens and safety comes first. In all honesty this is probably more in my mind this year after the loss of a friend a few weeks back but I also know he was doing something he loved.

We could have a week of storms, not allowing the swim to take place and unfortunately with logistics, peoples schedules, the offers of support, it’s not like we can just say let’s do it next week. It could be a year before we get to try again.

Lake Michigan being the unpredictable lady that she is, could decide to turn over and drop those temps to a point that hypothermia becomes a reality after a few hours. And safety is priority and the if the kayaker says your done, or crew or boat captain, well then the swimmer is done (one swimmer getting out will not necessarily end the solo attempts of the other swimmers). For those not aware we will be following some basic clothing rules, swimsuit with no buoyancy or thermal benefit that goes from waist to no lower than knee, hat and goggles.

My training could be insufficient, I feel undertrained this year though I also know I have swam 290 miles this year but logic does not always apply. I have done longer swims on the same volume of training, so theoretically I should be swim prepared.

I could get sea sick and throwing up while swimming is not so much fun, I know having done it and can only put up with it for so long.

I could just feel sick and the safe option may be to get out

As I said at beginning, I am not trying to focus on negative outcomes, I just like to be prepared, I visualize the positive moments and I like to think I am one tough …. but the key here is safety, I can fail and come back another time, I make a bad decision and that may not be the case.

So above all else the aim is to come home, whether that be finish or dnf but come home either way. The posts over next couple of weeks will not talk about failure

A somewhat adequate swimmer

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