One basket…it’s a bad idea

I have tried not to rush in to posting this, I decided to take a week and think about the positives of the swim I failed to do, my DNS (did not start).

I learnt a lot this year about organizing a swim. I feel more confident to try this again, I already have all the contacts.

So last weekend we did get in the water, we did get in at night, we also got in during the day, we experienced high and low temps. The Friday night swim happened, It just happened to be much shorter than planned.

We only had kayak support, so when one swimmer got cold, about 3 hours in, we headed for the nearest beach, which due to where we were, was about an additional 20 mins swimming away.

We had fun, we practiced swim lights at night, we fed in the waves. We created a disco kayak.

I learnt my training has been good, we swam in to head wind and 2-3 foot of chop and I was enjoying it. I felt smooth and strong in the water. The temps at 66f were not an issue at all and again I felt really good.

However it was also annoying too, as it was a day I could of swam for hours and hours, which I guess means my planning and tapering was right but that’s just leads to the further feeling of frustration.

Overall, I also can’t get away from the feeling that the whole season was just a waste. I swam a lot, I trained hard, I spent lots of time not at home to achieve this and that’s frustrating.

I came back to swimming and in particular open water swimming 6 years ago. Every year since has been a new achievement and a new goal met.

Year one- first 5km in Lake Michigan

Year two- multiple events up to 5km

Year three- swam around key west 12.5miles, swim the suck 10 miles, swim to the moon 10km and multiple shorter races

Year 4- border buster 25km, swim the suck, multiple short meter swims

Year 5- End Wet 36 miles, swim to the moon, other shorter events

Year 6- right now I just got swim to the moon 10km and big shoulders.

It feels like regression this year, to get excited for swim to the moon is basically impossible. I am doing my best to just enjoy my swims, get in Lake Michigan, enjoy it’s power, enjoy my power. But there is no other way I can feel but disappointed, I like new achievements, I like to test myself, see what I am capable of, see how much I can control my mental state while swimming for hours, get in to my zen zone ( happens about 2 hours in to a swim). Right now my mental state is not zen.

I also love watching all the swims that my open water colleagues are achieving but it is also tough to watch all those swims (please note I am cheering you all on and want you to succeed, I just have some green eyed monstering going on)

Big learning for next year though, I have learnt not to put it all in one basket.

End wet I am eyeing you already as my back up plan, you are the best $ for $ value swim in the US and a 36 mile swim is a challenge no matter how you look at it and I really enjoyed it last year (cause masochism).


A somewhat “even less” adequate swimmer

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